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Hillman Quarter Horses is a family operation.  Nick and Jackie Hillman along with thier sons, Burke (Taleesha), Clint (Tiffany) and Trace (Samantha) work together on the ranch.  They run around 550 head of Black Angus Cattle and together stand 6 stallions.  Hillman's run a fantastic band of broodmare's, all of them hand picked for thier quality traits.  The focus of Hillman Quarter Horses breeding program is to breed, raise and ride quality horses with good disposition, good bone, superb conformation and of course color.  

Off to a Great Start

When you purchase a horse from Hillman Quarter Horses, you know you are buying generations of quality.  We run our broodmare band up on our ranch in Kilgore in the summer and Fall.  This is a unique opportunity for our foals to experience the outside world at the sides of their mothers.  They learn how to move out gracefully and learn early how to cross creeks, down fall and bogs.  There is a remarkeable difference in a horse that has been run out and a horse that has never left its stall.